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Enterprise Change Management - ECM Institutionalizing Change Management

Is managing change a core competency and a competitive advantage for your organization? If not, why not?

“As we know, it′s the people that chose to embrace the new solution, process or technology that makes change successful. Productivity and quality standards are diminished in an organization or within a large constituency if change is not absorbed effectively. Manage this challenge with effective organizational change management. This affects the bottom line.”

Enterprise Change Management (ECM) is a process and an approach to implementing change management in a structured way throughout your organization.

Many organizations are starting to build internal change management practices with the goal of developing internal competencies and best practices to address the critical nature of their change projects and initiatives.Organizations are moving away from a project-by-project view and are deploying change management broadly across the organization with an enterprise wide view. By adopting an enterprise perspective organizations are "institutionalizing effective change management" as a common practice on all projects and initiatives.

“Make ‘managing the people side of change’ the norm and common practice.”
“In today′s environment, even if you figure out how to absorb the changes you encounter, the effective life span of your decisions will be shorter than you anticipate.
We must broaden our capabilities and dramatically increase our facility for not only accepting but flourishing in constant transition. We must change how we manage change”.

Managing at the Speed Of Change, Daryl R. Conner.
Where are companies globally with respect to their maturity in implementing Change Management enterprise wide?

The Prosci® Change Management Maturity Model was first released in 2004. This model describes five levels of organizational maturity in change management:
  • Level 5: Organizational Competency
  • Level 4: Organizational Standards
  • Level 3: Multiple Projects
  • Level 2: Isolated Projects
  • Level 1: Absent or Ad Hoc

2016 Best Practice Global Survey Results Depict The Following

Prosci® Change Management Maturity Model
Level 5
Level 4
Level 3
Level 2
Level 1
Actively Working To 
Not Actively Working To 

Cocentric Can Assist You By

  • Guiding you through the change process with our consulting & coaching expertise
  • Providing you with the use of Prosci ® New Tools & Templates for ECM (Audit, ECM Roadmap, Change Portfolio Toolkit)
  • Helping you to establish your own internal change management community of practice
  • Guidance for creating your Change Management Office (CMO)
  • Exclusive use of Prosci′s change management training programs.
  • Integrating your organizations project management methodology
  • Assisting you with your ECM tools and methodologies

Why Utilize ECM & Core Benefits?

Organizations that learn and demonstrate resilience adapt faster and altimeters have the competitive advantage. The benefits of ECM to your organization are:
  • Sets the expectation for using a common set of processes and tools for managing change across the organization
  • Establishes a change management leadership competency at all levels of the organization
  • Internalizes the change management role and gives the responsibility for "leading change" to all of the leaders, managers and supervisors in the organization
  • Enables the organization to be flexible, change ready and more responsive to marketplace changes. Organizationally the company can count "change-ready" as a core competency
  • Promotes value realization through continuous improvement

Why Work With COCENTRIC?


"Cocentric Solutions has been an invaluable partner as we begin down the path toward institutionalizing change management competency across the enterprise. Candid, clear and simple advice and a highly responsive customer orientation make Cocentric and ideal partner for organizations looking for change management support."

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