Consultants Corner

Consultants Corner

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The following are frequently asked questions we have received from management consultants:

I have a difficult client that expects more of my role than what was originally discussed?

Suggestions to consider
  • Have an expectation management meeting to discuss deliverables tied to the specific actions of the contract. Do you have a statement of work identifying what your role is and what will be delivered by when?
  • Have you assessed the department and what the roles are of others around you? Is there a gap that perhaps you can discuss with your sponsor / client that can be filled internally?

I feel I have completed my work but others on the team feel I have not?

Suggestions to consider
  • Do you have a transition document? A document stating what you have completed and what you will hand over to the client?
  • Is there a gap in understanding what approach or methodology you are using vs what the organization is using?
  • How are you assessing quality?
  • Are you celebrating milestones to show progression in your work?

I am having trouble with gaining sponsorship involvement in the project?

Suggestions to consider
  • Explaining the role of the sponsor on a project
  • Using studies and best practices as to what a successful project needs
  • Build a relationship with the sponsor; find out what are there interests
  • Discuss specific tactics that their involvement could make a difference (sponsor activities)

My scope is larger than I expected and I am concerned about quality

Suggestions to consider
  • Articulate your scope and areas you will focus on vs other areas you cannot focus on because of time constraints
  • Ask your client what are his or priorities? Communicate what you will not be focusing in on.
If you are looking for objective, confidential guidance and/or coaching, Cocentric Solutions can assist you. Feel free to contact us.

What do I need to know to become a consultant?

If you are interested in becoming a consultant with Cocentric Solutions, feel free to contact us to get a better understanding of what we do and what it takes to be a successful Cocentric team member.


"I have been involved with many organizational development consultants and training providers in the past and I have been nothing but impressed by Cocentric’s level of expertise, candid input and professionalism. They are passionate and committed to inspiring well-managed cultural change…"

Mia N., Senior Director (Utilities), Edmonton, Alberta
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