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Cocentric Solutions is a Prosci® authorized training provider offering on-site organizational change management certification and training courses to help organizations manage the people side of change.

Cocentric offers five on-site courses to clients worldwide
Prosci® Change Management Courses Who Should Attend? Prosci® by the numbers
3-Day Change Certification Program
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Individuals & project teams responsible for implementing change, including Project & Program Managers, Human Resources/L&D/OD Professionals and Training groups that are enabling change
Members of Prosci's change management community on change‑

Certified Practitioners

Organizations that have contributed to Prosci's best practices research since 1998

Percent of Fortune 100 companies that are using Prosci's change management models and tools

Years of research

Longitudinal studies
1-Day Coaching Program
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Managers and supervisors who oversee employees impacted by change.
1-Day Sponsor Program
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Executives and senior leaders who lead and authorize change
Half Day Project Manager Program
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Enabling Project Manager to integrate Change Management into projects.
1-day Employee Program
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Front-line employees who ultimately bring the change to life

Prosci® Training Course Benefits

Real project work – Apply as you learn!
Participants bring their own real change projects from their organization to the course; applying Prosci's change management tools, research and methodology.

Certified Instructors – Learn from Calgary and Vancouver experts in change management
Cocentric Solutions’ team of instructors are Prosci® certified, bringing you over 30 years of applied change management and coaching expertise at all levels within an organization. As part of the instruction, we utilize real project examples and are able to have open discussions with each participant regarding their projects and offer suggestions on how to manage change effectively.

Easy-to-use toolkit – Effective employee change in your organization
Receive assessments, templates and checklists for managing change at all levels, from top executives to front-line employees.

We come to you – Enabling the privacy & openness within your organization
With offices in Calgary and Vancouver, Cocentric Solutions’ on-site offerings provide organizations with the additional benefit of team building, creativity, collaboration and a safe environment for growth and learning. There are structured workshop breakouts within each course offering, allowing individuals an opportunity to learn through different adult learning methods.
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About Prosci®

Formed in 1994, Prosci® is an independent research company in the fields of change management, business process reengineering and call center management. Prosci’s change management methodology has become one of the most widely used approaches for managing the people side of change in corporations and government agencies. Learn more about Prosci® at

Why Use Prosci® Change Management Methodology?

  • Research-based: Prosci's change management materials utilize best practices research from more than 2,000 end-users in 65 countries
  • Holistic: Prosci's best-of-the-best change model and structured process provide a comprehensive framework for managing change at all levels, from top-level executives to front-line employees
  • Easy-to-use: Prosci's tools, templates and checklists are easy to learn and easy to apply


"In 2011, we embarked on a company wide project that marked a significant change in our human resources management systems. Cocentric significantly contributed to our Change Management Strategy by working with us to ensure that our senior leadership organization wide received the appropriate training programs to develop and enhance their change management competencies. As a direct result, we very successfully integrated new processes and practices that signified a dramatic shift in our talent management program. I have been involved with many organizational development consultants and training providers in the past and I have been nothing but impressed by Cocentric’s level of expertise, candid input and professionalism. They are passionate and committed to inspiring well-managed cultural change. The Prosci training was extremely well received and impactful."

Mia N., Senior Director (Utilities), Edmonton, Alberta

"Thank you for offering and facilitating such a great course! It was a terrific job teaching us the Prosci framework and encouraging us to move forward each day. With the knowledge and tools gained from this course, I feel well equipped to effectively manage the changes our project is bringing to the organization. It was a great 3-day experience!"

Anna-Marie I., Project Manager

"Excellent, well structured, good pace and a variety of activities. The course has excellent documentation for the practitioner that will help in real life. The instructors are very knowledgeable."

Sebastien G., Global Operations Support Manager (Oil &Gas), United Kingdom
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