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Strategy and Business Case Development

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Devising an effective and successful business strategy revolves around obtaining clarity through many questions such as:
  • What are the opportunities?
  • How are we leveraging our strengths and client base?
  • What will be our ROI?”
  • What data do we need to collect?  
  • How do we integrate the new regulatory requirements?
  • How do we upgrade our existing tools?
  • Should we explore outsourcing? 
  • How do we prepare for a disaster?  
  • How do we assess our security protocols and enhance them?
  • Where is there opportunity for growth? 
  • What are the areas for improvement?
These are just some of the questions that business leaders need answers for.

Our consultants will assist you in determining and assessing your current strategy. This includes determining the impacts that will influence your organization through to creating specific organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The overall goal will be to create actionable goals aligned to your overall vision and mission. Whether it is regulatory, growth, capital project spending, cost containment, consolidation or competitive forces, we can help you in creating a customized road map or business case.

The following are some of the key goals for our Strategy and Business Case offerings:

  • Facilitate environmental context and competitive environment
  • Corporate assessment
  • Visioning, mission, goals, objectives
  • Align organizations and people
  • Customized road map
  • Execution
  • Actionable plans
  • Assure benefits realization
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"I have been involved with many organizational development consultants and training providers in the past and I have been nothing but impressed by Cocentric’s level of expertise, candid input and professionalism. They are passionate and committed to inspiring well-managed cultural change..."
Mia N., Senior Director (Utilities), Edmonton, Alberta
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