Business Process Management

Business Process Management and Improvement

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To enable you to achieve operational excellence in your processes and eliminate inefficiencies, Cocentric Solutions can assist you in aligning your business processes to realize your organizational goals.

We will optimize business processes through analysis, modeling and monitoring as a systematic approach for solving business problems. Our consultants will assess and engage key stakeholders in determining the current state processes while collaborating to remove the inefficiencies. The end result will be solutions that will improve business, technology and organizational processes that can be sustained by your management and can be tied to your overall business and financial goals.

The following are some of the key deliverables for our Business Process Management Offerings:

  • Current State Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Determining Process Measures
  • Fact gathering
  • Creating Process Flows
  • Determining roles and responsibilities
  • Assessing Quality Check Points
  • Determining Value Add Steps
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