Training Services

Training Services

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Training makes change a more positive and enriching experience, as well as promotes employee involvement, productivity and retention.
“Highly engaged employees are 87 percent less likely to leave their companies than disengaged counterparts.”
–Employee Engagement Survey, Corporate Leadership Council
Cocentric’s Training Services offer customized courses that are client-centered, take into account how people like to learn, and facilitate the change and growth of an individual or group’s skill set. 

Additionally, we can customize your experience as an organization by helping you plan, develop, deliver and support your classroom-based or virtual instructor-led training, as well as eLearning courses on a variety of topics.

New Course!

Cocentric's new course, Managing Your Personal Brand: An Introduction will give you an overview of how the changes in hiring practices today affect you, as well as how to take action to ensure your professional profile accurately reflects who you are and what you can do in your area of interest.

Make a start to enhancing your personal brand as part of managing change - click here to take this online course. 
New Course

Our Approach to Training

As part of our process we ensure the training is outcome based. 
Cocentric Training Approach Video –“Teach Them How to Fish” 


"In 2011, we embarked on a company wide project that marked a significant change in our human resources management systems. Cocentric significantly contributed to our Change Management Strategy by working with us to ensure that our senior leadership organization wide received the appropriate training programs to develop and enhance their change management competencies. As a direct result, we very successfully integrated new processes and practices that signified a dramatic shift in our talent management program. I have been involved with many organizational development consultants and training providers in the past and I have been nothing but impressed by Cocentric’s level of expertise, candid input and professionalism. They are passionate and committed to inspiring well-managed cultural change. The Prosci training was extremely well received and impactful."

Mia N., Senior Director (Utilities), Edmonton, Alberta

"Thank you for offering and facilitating such a great course! It was a terrific job teaching us the Prosci framework and encouraging us to move forward each day. With the knowledge and tools gained from this course, I feel well equipped to effectively manage the changes our project is bringing to the organization. It was a great 3-day experience!"

Anna-Marie I., Project Manager

"Excellent, well structured, good pace and a variety of activities. The course has excellent documentation for the practitioner that will help in real life. The instructors are very knowledgeable."

Sebastien G., Global Operations Support Manager (Oil &Gas), United Kingdom
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