Coaching Services

Coaching Services

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"The only sustainable difference between you and your competition is the quality of your leaders and your people."

Working one-to-one with a professional business coach has been proven to be the most effective way to apply new skills on the job, quickly and productively. In case studies where coaching was added to training experiences, productivity rose 88%. Without coaching, productivity rose only 22%.
Effects on Productivity in a Public Agency,” Public Personnel Management
(Source: “Effects on Productivity in a Public Agency,” Public Personnel Management)

Enabling Managers and Executives

Cocentric Coaching provides customized coaching & support based on the unique needs of each individual. We assess where you are today; we work with you to create action plans that will help you stay focused and moving forward toward your goals.
There are many reasons that clients come to Cocentric Executive Coaching. The top three are:
  1. Develop high potential or facilitate a transition
  2. Act as a sounding board
  3. Want skill development and to make behaviour changes
"Insight often comes from facilitated dialogue."

What are the benefits of Cocentric Executive Coaching?

Increased leadership/management capabilities lead to
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased profitability
  • Higher retention
  • Motivated employees
  • Personal success
Provide leaders with new perspectives and ideas to unlock their potential & innovation
  • Assist your leaders in finding motivation and confidence
  • Facilitate the development of stronger leaders or potential leaders
  • Enable each individual to bring out the leader within, with more creativity, balance and harmony
  • Increase employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Make your existing employees more valuable and productive

Who would benefit from Cocentric Coaching?

Individuals who
  • Want to achieve peak performance
  • Are emerging leaders or moving to new positions
  • Are sponsors of change or experiencing change initiatives
  • Desire skill development in project management
  • Desire skill development in change management
  • Desire a safe environment to discuss challenges, possible solutions and personal growth

Wondering where to begin?

The first step is to determine the current state.

Through a discovery session we will provide you with feedback on the current state.

Contact us at: to get started today.
- Interactional coaching approach with practical & structured support
- Obtaining personal growth while achieving business results
- Personal Coaching Plan
- Customized skill development
- Opportunity to leverage our 50+ years of leadership, projects &
consulting experience


"I continue to use many of those tools today for ongoing growth and discovery. Within a year of coaching, I made advancements in my current career and began the journey of identifying my 'dream job' (for which I have the tools to continue that journey)..."

A.Z. - Global Consulting Organization

"I've implemented a range of organization and delegation techniques plus incorporated valuable coaching skills in my mentor/coaching relationships..."

T.S. - Manager within Global Organization

"You have helped me focus, through your questions, by clarifying what are my important priorities. Your questions have also made it clear that the status quo can be changed and I do not have to accept things as they are - as long as I am willing to put the effort in and make the change. As we continue, I am appreciating the value of our sessions more and more. I've learned that the answers to most (all?) questions are within. Your art as a coach is in asking those questions that will either make the answer obvious, or point out that path that will take me to the answer."

D.B. - Manager Oil & Gas Producer

"I am very happy with the executive coaching I've had from Razina. Using her friendly, unbiased, and caring approach, I was able to adapt the lens I was applying to professional challenges. And not only was Razina a fantastic sounding board for management issues and skill development questions that arose during my time with her, but her framework is one that stuck with me long after our sessions. I continue to have a little Razina on my shoulder guiding me to the right questions and right mindset."

D.H. – Director within a Governance & National Charitable Organization
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