Managing Organizational Change

in your organization through structured processes around Organizational Change Management, Project Management and Business Process Improvement.

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Cocentric Solutions

Cocentric Solutions is a Calgary, Alberta based senior management consulting company formed in 2003. We service clients in various industries (ex. Oil and Gas, Utilities and Public Sector) bringing the synergies and best practices to all our clients.

We are consultants specializing in:

Organizational Change Management
Project Management & Program Management
Business Process Management and Improvement
Strategy & Business Case Development
ERP Evaluations and Assessments
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Who we've worked with ...

Our clients range from mid/ large local companies to global companies.

Organizational Change Management

"Only 20% of IT projects achieve payback."

- Gartner Group.

Benefits of IT are often not realized because investment is biased towards technology and not towards managing change in processes, organization and culture.

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